Selena Gomez is setting a wonderful example for her young fans.

The gorgeous and talented singer/actress addressed a fan who posted a photo of herself on Instagram with a cut on her wrist (along with the caption "Cut, cut, cut, cut!"). Gomez lashed out and scolded the fan, discouraging the practice and saying that she doesn't want those kinds of fans since she is not about self-harm.

There is some chatter in the photo's comments among Selenators, suggesting that there may be one fan who uses two accounts and posted the cutting photos to get Gomez's attention. Those details are somewhat immaterial, since someone used cutting as a device to get on Sel's radar, which is the wrong way to try and attract her.

The larger issue is that Gomez does not want her fans to cut, to encourage cutting or to use cutting as a way to get her attention. Real cutting or fake cutting -- it's ALL bad.

We hope that all Selenators take heed of her stern warning. Do not do that to yourselves, please. Cutting is no joke, and it's certainly not a proper ploy to get noticed by your idols.

Below is Sel's note to the fans, scolding them for their actions.