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Yes, poor Selena Gomez who had to buy spaghetti from the dollar store. First of all, I'm not sure if she realizes that most grocery stores sell spaghetti for about a dollar, but the article continues on about how they ate macaroni and cheese all the time. If I would let my kids eat macaroni and cheese all the time, my kids would be in heaven! What really gets me about this article is when her mom speaks on her hardship.

"'I would get up at six in the morning, get Selena ready for school, drop her off, and then go to [my classes] from there. We did that every day,' Mandy said."

Y'know, being a mom. She basically just said she had a hard time doing what most moms I know do every day, only my mom friends don't complain about it. Sure, it may not be the most convenient thing in the world, but we do it anyways. You can read on if you'd like. I know several that have had it way worse than this as I'm sure you do, too. Tell us below if she really had a hard time or not.

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