A tractor-trailer rig and a Yakima School District bus collided near Eisenhower High School Tuesday morning, but the wreck appears to be minor.

Yakima Police could offer few details, though spokesman Mike Bastinelli said one student on the bus suffered minor injuries.

The two vehicles collided at 40th Avenue and Tieton Drive at about 7:40 a.m., briefly blocking traffic on both streets. However, traffic was moving again within an hour.

Bastinelli released this official statement from the city police:

Semi and the school bus were both going south on 40th. Semi intended to make a right turn to head west on Tieton. The semi makes wide turns, so with his blinker on he started to do so. The school but came to the right of him as the semi was turning on the bus got it. No fault has been found at this time. There was one minor injury from one of the kids on the school bus.