"Youuuu know, this boogie is for reeeeeaaaaalll!" -- Me, after watching this viral video of a dentist (dancing to Jamiroquai's "Canned Heat" song, a la the movie, Napoleon Dynomite).

I better hashtag this one: #DENTISTBAE!

The 58-second clip (posted below) floated down my Facebook time line last week, and I watched it with the sound off at first. I was like, what the EFF is this no-rhythm hottie doing dancing like this at the dentist office? I'll have what HE'S having! Oh, to be that surgical mask right about then!

P.S. Is it mean for me to say that while he has no rhythm, he is sexy as H-E-L-well, you catch my drift! I guess if I have to ask the question, the answer is YES. I'm a meanie. I may be a hater, but I am still a congratulator, baby, 'cause this dentist is F-O-I-N-E, fine!

My reaction after watching the 58-second clip: He ain't got no moves, but [the view from the neck down] is DYNO MITE !

Here are some of the other comments from my friends* who, like me, were lusting/semi-lusting after #DentistBae:

"I watched his hips the whole time." - P.

"I feel like he needs more patients." B.

"Them thick legs!" K.

"He has a great [redacted]." F.

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

my dentist, Dr. Elprin at Sunrise Dental, would be willing to do something like this?

Can you get your dentist to do a dancing video? If so, send us the video and let's help make this thing go viral!

"Got so much [novacaine] in my mouth tonight, baby!" Me, after finishing up typing this sentence.

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