I got my teeth cleaned!

anuwat meereewee, iStock / Getty Images Plus
anuwat meereewee, iStock / Getty Images Plus

I'm not going to lie. I was a little apprehensive about showing up to my scheduled appointment. Even though I know they are professionals with a plan in place for how to deal in the middle of a pandemic, I still wasn't too thrilled to be there. But I also know how important oral health is and I'm for sure not the only one who had a meltdown when things started getting wild in March and just kind of stopped my regular routine.

I was actually supposed to go see them at the end of March, I received a text asking me to confirm and I sent back a yes. Only to get a super quick, "no we are not currently taking patients." So when I received another message a bit ago for my May appointment I answered again with a yes, assuming it was an accident. It wasn't. My appointment was a go.

The only thing that seemed a little different before arriving, was the number of reminder messages with sweet things like, "we can't wait to see you" "please arrive 10-15 minutes early to fill out a bit of paperwork." "it's almost time are we still on?" I'm thankful for the extras because lately, it seems if I don't have a few reminders I'm not even sure what day it is. I knew my mouth would be open during the cleaning but out of respect, I still put on a mask before entering the lobby...I was the only one wearing one.

They had shields set-up and even handed me a pen in a fancy case, that I got to keep, to fill out paperwork asking if I had been in contact with anyone with Covid-19 in the past two weeks. A hard no but also, fingers crossed right? They took my temperature and I made sure to sit away from other patients while I waited.

My cleaning was the same as always, I don't like them but honestly, it was kind of nice to do something "normal" for a change. Fingers crossed I don't have cavities. I was pretty worried they were going to tell me, "your teeth are falling out because you keep falling asleep with candy in your mouth" but they didn't. Whew! I will work on that on my own time.

I survived and you will too now the big question.

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