Jersey Shore's Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi is set for a match at WWE's Wrestlemania. Known as the Super Bowl of Wrestling events, Wrestlemania is a star-studded event that always features the biggest stars in pop culture so it makes sense that Snooki would make an appearance - but to wrestle?
As the storyline goes, Snooki was slated to make a guest appearance on WWE RAW, their Monday night wrestling show. One of the other female personalities, a villain named Vickie Guerrero got in her face, telling her how unimpressed she was about Snooki and all of her achievements. Then, in classic WWE fashion, they started cat-fighting and challenged each other a match that would feature the two of them as well as some other wrestlers in a 3-person tag-team match.
I think their Pay-Per-View numbers just went up based on this match-up alone.

More about the match-up here and here's a crude video of the slap that started it all.