Snoop Dogg's California Funko Pop retail store has been tagged with gang graffiti.

Over the weekend, photos surfaced of Snoop Dogg's Tha Dogg House Funko Pop store in Inglewood, Calif. with an uncommissioned makeover. Prior to being tagged, the building had a blue highway sign-type marquee in the front that read "Welcome to Inglewood City of Champions." A 3D image of Snoop in a blue tracksuit is next to the sign. However, the sign has been defaced with indecipherable red graffiti. Snoop Dogg's blue tracksuit has been spraypainted completely red and the words "F**k crabs," a common diss to Crips, is spraypainted next to it.

XXL has reached out to Snoop Dogg's team for comment.

The Snoop Dogg-themed Funko Pop store, which sells the popular pop culture figurines and collectables, opened back in January.

"This new store stays true to who I am as an entrepreneur and rapper," Snoop Dogg said of the collaboration last September. "I can’t wait for my fans to experience it, to touch it, to feel it. Once you see it, it’s like no other thing in the world. Tha Dogg House will blow your mind."

The vandalization of Snoop Dogg's store comes less than a month after another rapper-related tagging. Earlier this month, the location where Jack Harlow shot the cover for his Jackman. album was tagged with gang graffiti.

See the Vandalism Done to Snoop Dogg's Funko Pop Store Below

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