During his illustrious career, Snoop Dogg has traveled the world, seen millions of faces and had thousands of smoke-outs, but his memory might be mistaken when it comes to a photo of the rapper smoking with late grunge icon Kurt Cobain.

On Thursday (July 4), Uncle Snoop posted a photo on Instagram that shows him smoking a blunt with the former Nirvana frontman smiling on a bed nearby. Snoop captioned the photo, "Young dogg with. Kurt 92."

Cobain, who is looked upon as a rock legend, died from an apparent suicide in 1994. The epic photo led to a lot of praise from Snoop's contemporaries. "This shit is incredible," Busta Rhymes commented.

"Wow we already know you’re legendary you just took it up a few levels!!" R&B singer Tyrese added.

Well, it turns out the photo is actually a Photoshop job doctored by Instagram user _vemix_ who is known for photoshopping cultural icons into photos together.

_vemix_ commented on the mixup on Instagram writing, "When you make Snoop think he smoked with Kurt in 92 #ijustwokeupforaquickpissandsawthisshitlol."

We'll give the "I Wanna Thank Me" rapper the benefit of the doubt and say he probably had a smoke session with Kurt in the early 1990s, but 897,364 blunts later his memory may be a little foggy on the details.

Check out evidence of the doctored photo below.

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