Normally, a flight to Hawaii can run you $400-$500 and up per person. But now you can fly from SeaTac International Airport to Hawaii for less than $350 round trip,* thanks to Southwest Airlines!

The internet is buzzing with the news that Southwest just announced their introductory flight service to Hawaiian islands, with a special deal that is good only today and Tuesday (March 4 and 5)!

You'll have to act quickly to book your Hawaiian vacation at this rate; seats flying out of the Seattle airport are filling up quickly!

Dang it! If my Christmas holiday bills and car mechanic bills hadn't already sucked up savings, I'd be booking myself and my daughter for a much-needed getaway right now! Hopefully, Southwest (and other airlines) will lower the cost of their flights to Hawaii in the future so we can go!


*Cost per person. Two bags of luggage are included in the rate.

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