My weekend hobby is essentially picking. Unlike American Pickers, I'm not looking for everything under the sun. I look for Mid-Century Modern antiques and accessories. It's said that if you see something cool you've never seen before, that is the time to buy.

So one day I'm in Billings, Mont., of all places and spot this awesome standing ashtray (no one makes these anymore) that looks a whole lot like the Space Needle in Seattle. I don't know if they allowed smoking in the lobby at the base of the Space Needle in the '60s, but I imagine that is where this ashtray was located. Either that or in a Seattle hotel or perhaps at NASA's Mission Control in Houston.

It was just $12.50 and it looks badass. Because I can't keep everything and I like money, I sold it for $60. Every once in awhile I regret selling something cool and this is one of those times. I wish I had it back. I'd gladly pay the $60.

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