Friday was QUITE an adventure! I was super excited to help the rest of my team today, Reesha had a live broadcast at noon on KFFM, so I offered to fill up the gas tank and wash the rig but what I DIDN'T realize once I got the gas that one of my tires was flat! :(

Yakima Angel #1 Arthur from Coca Cola pointed out the flat tire, offered a $1 for air which was FANTASTIC because I had no money with me and Arthur even threw in a monster beverage for fun! :) Holla!

Now I will admit I was a lil nervous, I don't really fill tires that often (my husband usually helps) I don't want this thing to blow but man I am going for it! #2 and #3 Yakima Angels come by to assist. Yes I am putting the air in and yes it looks like nothing is happening all while I try VERY hard not to flash the cars driving by in my sundress (the one day I decide to get extra fancy) I even had a listener's comments floating in my head, "Why would I learn this when that's what a guy is for?" Well, ladies if there aint no guy around I guess we find SOMEONE and thankfully that was my co-worker Gunner! #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

We figured out how to get the tire out BUT those lugnuts were no match for us! Luckily Yakima Angel #4 stopped by and offered us boxes of honey buns!!

Score!!! When in doubt stop for a snack and then? Call Les Schwab -- thank you so much, Tristan!

Thank you to every single person who stopped by and offered help even though you couldn't stay it was SO appreciated! :)

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