Donald Trump's stunning victory over Hillary Clinton to become the next president has left many at a loss for words. Stephen Colbert, who's made his name tweaking the political machine for a laugh, didn't go for too many chuckles while discussing the election in a Showtime special on Wednesday night.

The above segment, which aired before Trump's acceptance speech, is thoughtful and introspective in tone and reminds us of the gravity of Trump winning, whether you support him or not.

The video is titled "Stephen Tries To Make Sense Of All This," which is exactly what he does as he waxed poetic for more than nine minutes. Colbert does try to end on a positive note, talking about things we can all agree on, from the way we eat Kit Kat to order pizza to how to handle the gas light in your car before saying we should never endure another election like we have in 2016.

His parting words? "The election is over. You survived. Good night and may God bless America."

We're pretty sure Colbert, and all his late night counterparts, will find plenty of words in the next four years because a Trump presidency sure seems like a gold mine's worth of material.

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