Sterling K. Brown displayed his comedic chops as host of Saturday Night Live over the weekend. The Emmy award-winning actor held his own with the SNL cast. Among the funny skits he appeared in was a parody of Family Feud: Oscars Edition as the rapper Common.

Although Brown doesn’t look like Common at all, he was able to get some laughs thanks to Kenan Thompson, as Steve Harvey, poking fun at him.

Common is part of the "Oscar Losers" team and when Harvey introduces him to the show, he raps his response, "It's a honor to be a part of this family / Despite our feud / We still put food on the table / Provide for the children / Make sure their future is stable."

Harvey is quick to shut down his lyrical prose before calling him "Dr. Martin Luther Suess."

Later, Common plays against Frances McDormand, who is on the "Oscars Winners" team, at the buzzer. Again, Common gives his answer in rap and his quickly shut down by Harvey who says to him, "you ain't a rapper, you are more like Ted Talk set to music."

Near the end of the skit, Common breaks out into full poetry mode before Harvey yells out cut to commercial.

Check out Sterling K. Brown playing the poetic Common above.

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