The 2019 Memorial Day Weekend may not provide much of our famous Yakima Valley sunshine, but it's out there,lurking in the future, just waiting to spring out and brighten your day and darken your skin.

Given that, it's time for a refresher on sunscreen thanks to the staff at Women's Health.

First and foremost you might be tempted to reach for last year's sunscreen leftovers and that would be a mistake.

Dermatologist Dr. Allison Arthur says not all sunscreens come with an expiration date, but many do, so you should check for that and write the purchase date on the bottle as a reminder. The issue is that the chemicals in your SPF can break down over time (even faster with exposure to heat) which can cause them to lose their effectiveness in filtering or blocking out harmful UV rays.

That's good news for the retail industry because the experts say as a general rule, you should replace sunscreen after one year. The nose knows, so if you notice any changes  in smell or change in texture of your sunscreen it's likely expired and you should get rid of it.

See you at the beach!

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