End of an Era
As the days are coming to a close for the Albertsons on 40th and Tieton, I stopped by what may be my final time to see what was left. The answer? Not much.
The next thing
It will be a grim day, indeed, when Albertsons finally closes its doors. It was a store I remember going to as a child and I usually pop in about once a day to grab one or two things since it's on my way home. As they're closing out inventory, it got me thinking of what businesses could go…
Self-Checking Out
I noticed they were missing a couple days ago, but then I noticed nothing was being done about putting them back so I had to ask. As it turns out, Albertsons is eliminating the convenient self-check out lanes at their local stores.
Invest in Yakima
Now that the powerball is at a record 1.3 billion dollars, it got me thinking of ways to put that money back into the city I was born and raised in. Several years ago, when computer generated graphics started becoming life-like, the Washington state lottery had a series of commercials where someone …