C.S.I.: West Valley Investigates ‘Homicide’ [VIDEO]
Earlier today, I swung by my old (new!) high school in West Valley for an awards presentation. As I strode to the main entrance, I saw a number of people in white lab coats, armed with clipboards, cameras and other equipment surveying an area adjacent to front doors that had been cordoned off with y…
A show of unity
Organizers of a gathering this weekend say it's time for Yakima to stand as one and take back the community.
Yakima Unity is hosting a free "Stop the Violence" event this Saturday (April 30) from 1-4 p.m. Miller Park. 513 N. Third St...
Yakima fails -- in a good way!
The folks at have done the heavy lifting and, surely to the surprise of some, have determined that the city of Yakima is not one of the 10 most dangerous cities in Washington to reside in.
A speedy trial
The criminal element isn't always the smartest lot, as evidenced recently on the nationally syndicated Judge Judy television show.

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