The True Gaming Haven Of Yakima Is One Up Gaming.
I've been a gamer my entire life, some of my earliest memories were playing Donkey Kong on the Super Nintendo. When I first moved to Yakima I started trying to find little "Nerd Havens" around the city. Little did I know there was a lot waiting for me...
Card Games That Aren’t Just for Kids
As the pandemic stretches on, I know it's hard to find something new and fun to do with your time. Card games are a great solution since they're versatile, don't take up a lot of space and some of the ones on my list can accommodate just two players all the way up to ten!
Monopoly is Boring Because You’ve Been Playing It Wrong
You probably think of Monopoly as that excruciating board game you have to play with your family, unless your mom likes to make her nephews cry and it gets banned from the house (thanks, Mom!). It turns out it's not the Parker Bros.' fault that the game is so mind-numbingly dull -- it'…

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