LuLaRoe Convention?
A while back I was talking about how I just found out about LuLaRoe and why ladies were so interested in them. I guess there's more interest than I thought because at the Toyota Center in Kennewick there's going to be what sounds like a LuLaRoe convention.
Fluffy Reschedules Show
It was going to be a sold-out show in Kennewick for Grabriel Iglesias on March 27th, but looks like the date has been moved.
A statement on the Toyota Center's website confirms that the show is being moved to Sunday, September 10th.
A New Beer Festival
It only makes sense that, since the Yakima Valley hosts three-fourths of the hops used in the United States, that we have plenty of beer festivals to celebrate this fact. We used to have one or two a year and now we're getting to the point where we have several coming and going...
Bring Texas to Yakima
This past weekend we decided to go to Tri-Cities for a change of scenery and lunch led us to Texas Roadhouse, a bbq and steak chain restaurant. It got me thinking how well one would do here in Yakima.