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Menudo? Me-no-do
What is that one food that you have tried once and will never, EVER, try again? For me, that food is menudo or "tripe," which is sort of a fancy way to say "chitlins" in Spanish!
I am never trying menudo again! In fact, the only Menudo I like is the one with Ricky …
See Miley Cyrus + More at the 2014 World Music Awards
The 22nd edition of the World Music Awards took place on Tuesday, May 27 at the Monte Carlo Sporting Club in Monaco. There were big names from around the world there to perform and collect their awards, all dressed to the nines to celebrate their world-renown superstardom.
Ricky Martin To Appear On ‘Glee’ Next Year
The producers of ‘Glee’ are looking to spice things up next season with a little Latin flava.  It is in the works but Latin sensation Ricky Martin could have a role on the up coming season as a Spanish teacher that can sign a little bit too...