Productivity Message and Duval on Trade Agreements
“Feeding the World” helps motivate farmers. But, isn’t a major concern for most consumers. Ag Risk coverage to be a viable option in the farm bill, needs to be fixed. President of American Farm Bureau would like to see a new bilateral trade agreement.
Stay warm, but stay safe
The Washington State Fire Marshal is blaming portable electric space heaters for two recent home fires that left four people dead. It's important to stay warm, but it's also important to stay safe when using these heaters. Here are some safety tips to pass along straight from Fir…
Don't burn those chestnuts
Every year, stories emerge about people's houses catching fire. Their home is ablaze, all of their presents are turned to ash and it is often caused by something 100 percent preventable.
"It takes only seconds for a tree to ignite and the entire room to become engulfed in flames,"
-- State F…

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