How to Report a Bully
Bullies seem to be as much a part of school as homework or pop quizzes. Although we can't put an end to the latter, we can put an end to bullying. It's not enough just to tell someone, though, it must be reported so there's documentation.
Worried About Bullying? Yakima School District Can Help
School starts Aug. 31 in the largest district in the valley, and while many kids are getting excited, others are apprehensive because they're concerned about being bullied.
But last year the district started a bullying task force and created a number of different ways to deal with the problem, both i…
Winner, Winner!
April 27 is reserved for Administrative Professionals Day. It's a day where you show your appreciation to that person at your front desk that makes you look good. We asked you to submit someone you know for our contest and we're proud to announce that Jay Ochoa of McClure elementary school…
It's just a drill
As a parent of children who are in high school and junior high, I always have that feeling that one day I am going to get a call. You know, the call saying the school is under attack. UGH. My second worst nightmare.

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