seize the deal

Online Auction Preview Week: See What’s Coming
It's time once again the the Yakima Spring 'Seize the Deal' Online Auction!  If you get excited about getting a great deal on a wide variety of goods and services, this is the auction for you!
All this week it's 'Preview Week' - your chance to log on and t…
Seize The Deal: Yakima Sports Center is Back!
Carpe Plurimum! I had to brush up on my Latin to say that.
This powerful phrase is best translated in English as 'Seize the Deal'! When it comes to great deals, this one qualifies for sure - and what's even better - it's a chance to say hello to an old friend...
Do you dare?
The year was 2009 and I was a size 14 and felt very UN-sexy, but that didn't stop my friend from somehow convincing me to do a "boudoir photo shoot."
My friend, Christel Clear Photography, had talked me into taking a few boudoir pictures because she was just starting to branch …

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