You Pick 'Em and Win Yakima Steak Co. Gift Cards -- or More!
Win a weekly prize of a $50 gift card to Yakima Steak Co. if you end up being the week's biggest winner (you need to choose the teams you feel will win each game). Whoever comes up with the most correct answers at the end of the season walks away with $400 and possibly more!
Which Yakima Valley High School Has The Best Logo? [POLL]
I love sports logos! It's probably because I've been a Los Angeles Rams fan since I could walk. I still own a replica Rams helmet with white horns. Former Rams halfback Fred Gerhrke created the first helmet logo in the NFL when he painted ram horns on the side of their helmets back in 1948…
Rock Your Way to 5K
Live bands and DJs help you “rock your way to 5K” in Yakima’s Randall Park. Runners and music lovers are invited to dress in rock attire or as their favorite...
Beginner’s Guide To Fantasy Football
I just joined my first fantasy football team, and we had our draft last night on Yahoo! Sports online. Our FF league is created and maintained by 12 women who have absolutely no idea how to do fantasy football. We searched high & low for helpful tips and videos, but it was like trying to cra…

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