Have You Seen This Flag?
Losing a family member is one of the most heart breaking experiences one can face. Now imagine not only did you lose your child but an item that person cherished, that you cherished has been stolen. :(
Shawn Marceau from the Yakima Valley is going through that right now and he is reaching out for hel…
Bald Eagle Steals A Fish Right Off The Line
Have you ever had problems with Bald Eagles stealing your fish? Well this guy apparently has. The Bald Eagle swoops down and just takes the fish right off of the guys fishing line! I bet this is one thing that won't happen twice in a row.
Owner Reunites With Dog After Car Is Stolen With Pup Inside
Having your car stolen is bad enough, but Carol Denmead of Arizona experienced something even more traumatizing than your basic carjacking: a stolen vehicle with her precious pup inside.
The 12-year-old collie mix was waiting in Denmead’s 2005 Pontiac last Thursday morning while she q…