Mission: Impossible
Nobody walks into Target and only buys one or two things. I KNOW THIS. But dang it, I tried. I tried really hard.
My mission was to stop by and get my 3-year-old some My Little Pony underwear and some ice cream.
Instead, I ended up "needing" to get her a swimsuit for swim lessons, some washa…
Shop or nah?
Are you ready to get your Thanksgiving Day shopping on?
I will not be partaking in the Black Friday shopping festivities this year, seeing as how I already found what I needed: a DVD player for just $29! That's it, I'm done. No more shopping for me...
How To Get the Best Deals on Clearance Items at Target
I'm just like you, I love shopping the clearance racks in any store I go to. Shopping for clearance items is always a game. You can get a great deal and value on something others probably spent full price on when they were first available so that makes you feel good about yourself. There's always th…
(VIDEO) Pink’s New Commerical for Target
I just love PINK in that new Target commercial!
Did you catch it during the "Big Bowl of Superness" Game a couple of weeks ago? If you haven’t seen it, it looks like she’s inside the Matrix 3.0, where everything has gone rogue. It's either that,…
Where to Buy Halloween Costumes in Yakima – Our Top Five
With Halloween coming up, you can never be too soon to get your Halloween costume in order. Everything from Hello Kitty to Casey Anthony, buying a pre-packaged costume or making your own, you've gotta be prepared. But, where to go? Here is where I go for my Halloween costumes

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