Tube TV
If you thought the cord-cutters’ market was aggressive before, just wait until you get a load of YouTube TV. The online video staple announced the full scope of its live TV bundle, complete with unlimited cloud DVR and a moderate monthly subscription fee.
YouTube Kids
It seems that YouTube is creating the next wave of celebrities, and with kids, it's no different. Some kids have become legendary on YouTube and have their own web video series and have become entrepreneurs. My 5-year old daughter, Willow, wants to become a YouTube star...
The Sensational Pink Spidergirl: How a Hero You Never Heard of Became One of YouTube’s Biggest Stars
Until last week, I had never heard of Pink Spidergirl. You probably haven't heard about her either. She's not starring in any comics, animated shows or movies. She's not even actually part of Marvel's Spider-Verse, which is a vast and seemingly never-ending source of strange Spider-Man iterations. No, Pink Spidergirl is one of the biggest heroes on YouTube. In fact, she's so popular, there are a number of different channels that use the character, and more than a million videos starring the Pink Spidergirl across YouTube's endless array of ridiculous videos. The videos are strange, fascinating, and incorporate a bewildering amount of licensed characters to tell stories that often make no sense. So how exactly did Pink Spidergirl become such a sensation?
Father-daughter dance
This is an adorable video of a little girl and her father doing a dance-off to Ariana Grande's song, "Problem." Talk about spending some quality time with your kids!

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