Very few artists could pack CenturyLink Field on a Tuesday, and Taylor Swift is one of those artists. More than 56,000 fans packed into the stadium this week (May 22) when her Reputation Tour rolled into Seattle.

Yes, I'm one of those people who pull up an artist's set list prior to a concert. So I knew that I wouldn't be hearing many of her old hits. The main focus was her "Reputation" album.

Like her last tour, which also stopped at CenturyLink, as concertgoers were entering the venue, staffers were handing out bracelets that lit up. I still have mine from the last tour. It's an awesome sight to see 56,000 bracelets lighting up at the same time.

Pictures and videos from her prior shows on this tour had been surfacing showing a giant inflatable snake on stage. I was a little disappointed at the snake. For some reason, I thought it was going to be much larger. Maybe all the hype about it had me building it up to something bigger than it really was? Don't get me wrong, it was still an awesome part of the show!

Similar to prior Taylor Swift shows, she sat a piano to perform a few songs.

Taylor took a trip out over the audience in a lit-up basket. She then did a couple of songs near the back of the stadium before flying back to the main stage.

In true Taylor style, she ended the concert with a water feature. Although this one was not as grand as her prior tour, when the water rained down on her.

Still, Taylor never seems to disappoint.

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