Taylor Swift will make her triumphant return to the big screen, as she's reportedly landed a supporting role in the film adaptation of the dystopian children's novel 'The Giver.'

Just in time for Banned Books Week! Good job, Hollywood, supporting literary freedom of speech.

Fifteen years in the making after being mired in development hell, 'The Giver' -- based on the Lois Lowry novel of the same name -- already had cast Jeff Bridges (as the titular character), Meryl Streep as a Chief Elder and Australian actor Brenton Thwaites in the role of main character, Jonas.

Apparently Swift and Thwaites hit it off at the Tortonto Film Festival, where they closed out a party, and now a source reveals that "Harvey [Weinstein] introduced Taylor to Brenton in Toronto because they were both going to be in the film."

Insert all your light bulbs going off here.

Other reported cast members include Alexander Skarsgard (we can only hope) and Katie Holmes as Thwaites' mother.

Swift's other acting credits include a role in 'Valentine's Day' and a recent cameo on 'New Girl' in which she played an adorable self-deprecating version of herself.

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