Kailyn Lowry said she will "absolutely not" vaccinate her kids if a coronavirus vaccine is created.

The Teen Mom 2 star, who's pregnant with her fourth child, has been open about her decision not to vaccinate her three young children in the past and now she revealed that she'll pass on the COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available. (The global pandemic has surpassed more than one million cases worldwide and nearly 300,000 cases in the U.S.)

The 28-year-old made the revelation while replying to a fan via Twitter, who asked, "I’m curious Kail, when a vaccine for this virus is made will you or the kids get one?"

"Absolutely not," Lowry tweeted.

Twitter users were not very happy about the reality star's response, with one pointing out, "49,000 people have died and almost 1 million infected so far by Coronavirus. I know someone personally fighting for their life with this virus. I just can’t.”

Lowry answered back, "Understood. I know people as well. That’s why I’m staying home."

She first discussed her anti-vaxx stance on an episode of her Coffee Convos podcast in January 2019.

“[My son Lux] is 18 months and he is not vaccinated," Lowry explained. "He hasn’t ever really been sick, and for me, I just think the more research that I do, and the more educated I’ve become, I just don’t vaccinate him."

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