Jenelle Evans' sons have been removed from her custody from child protective services two weeks after her husband, David Easonshot and killed her dog Nugget.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the Teen Mom star's children, 9-year-old Jace and 4-year-old Kaiser, are no longer living with her. Sources say Jace—whom she shares with ex Andrew Lewis—is currently in the custody of Evans' mom, Barbara. As for Kaiser, he's living with his paternal grandmother, Doris, right now.

But in a statement to Us Weekly on Monday (May 13), Evans opened up about what's really going and why her kids have been taken away from her. She explained that her ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith's mom took her son Kaiser from daycare without notifying or calling her after CPS told her to do it.

“My legal team has been on this since it [occurred],” Evans said. “I’ve been fighting to get my son back, as they went behind my back and removed him without my consent.”

“My mom is keeping Jace from me, nobody else,” she added. “I only had Ensley [her daughter with Eason] with me for Mother’s Day this year. And my mom is taking it out on me for being let go from MTV.”

The former reality star, who was dropped from Teen Mom following the dog-killing incident, also went on to say she wants fans to think twice when they hear rumors about her and her family's situation, adding that she wants to "focus on what’s best for myself and my family" at this time.

"Any rumors that come out, I would like for everyone to just step back and think, ’Is this from Jenelle? No, it’s not true,’” she said. “I’m very open with the public and my life and will continue to be. Right now, I need this time to just hang out with my family. I need them so bad right now.”

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