It takes a great knack of timing and finesse to pull off the perfect April Fool’s Day prank and not everyone can do it.

It’s very easy to sabotage a co-worker’s chair on their day off, accidentally email a copy of your butt to the HR department or accidentally spike the office water cooler with water. Some pranks, however, defy human description because they’re, well, they’re just plain stupid. Here are some of the least effective jokes you can play at work:

1. Take all of a co-worker’s important report papers and staple them together on a single corner.

2. Take the trackball out of someone else’s computer mouse and clean out the dust so it suddenly starts working better.

3. Send out a digital memo to the entire staff instructing them to disregard this memo.

4. Activate a false fire alarm by starting a small fire in the break room.

5. Order a bunch of pizzas for everyone in the office and make sure it arrives right around lunchtime.

6. Make it difficult for a co-worker to read a phone number from an email by covering it with White Out on your computer screen.

7. Tell the boss that his wife came on to you at a party at his house. Then apologize and tell him you were thinking of his dog.

8. Fix the fax machine so that whenever someone tries to send a document, it actually arrives at its destination.

9. Start a rumor that you might be stealing paper clips to beat the paper clip necklace world record.

10. Eat your weight in Post-It notes and threaten to sue your company you making you think they were cheese slices.

11. Show up on time and actually get something done.

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