Is there someone at your school that parks here and ignores all signals to move? Yeah, you're not alone.

I've noticed this year more than others are people who park in the bus-only zone waiting for their kids to get out of school. Each school has 2 or 3 busses (maybe more) and need that spot to get all of the kids on the bus and out of the tight parking lot. Someone's big minivan blocking the way ignoring the honks and teachers telling them to move it just makes them seem like a jerk. I know you just want to grab your kids and get out of there so you can get back to work or back to your life. Trust me, we all do, but we're all doing our part by parking where we can. Some people park as early as an hour in advance for better parking. I know I can't do this and neither can most, but I've learned if I park even a block away, I can get out of the area and back to my place faster than if I'd have parked in the parking lot.

Even if it's 'just this one time', and just like you wouldn't park in the handicap parking (you better not be!) give the busses their space.

The busses have one of the hardest jobs in the entire school district. To ensure the safety of your kids and get them home safely and in a timely manor. It's a thankless job but they do it anyways.

Now that I think about it, most jobs at public schools are a thankless job. Thank a teacher or bus driver next time you see one, would ya?

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