I heard there were quite a few crab feeds around the valley this weekend and I'll be honest, I've really been looking forward to one in particular. Claws for Paws to assist the Yakima Humane Society.

The first crab feed I ever attended was with them last year and it was SO much fun. I've been patiently waiting for it to arrive so I could enjoy a table full of 107.3 KFFM listeners and this year was awesome. We were a table full of Mother's and daughters.

Big shout-out to Bear Trade Company for putting a stunning looking evening. :) I had attended an event in the same building a few weeks before and was shocked at how different it looked.

Akland Pump & Irrigation was an incredible sponsor of the evenings festivities and people did NOT disappoint when it came to raising money for the dessert dash and in general. I will keep you posted with the final numbers.

If you EVER get the chance to grab yourself a table at an event like this, do it please. It's worth the money, time and calories :)

We were treated to melted butter and lemons, coleslaw which for some reason I tend to eat A LOT of at this type of event, rolls and an unlimited supply of some of the best crab I have tasted in a long while plus a baked potato with all the fancy fixings.

I washed mine down with white wine and helped spread the word because the reason we had come together was to raise funds for the Yakima Humane Society.

Claws for Paws 2020

If you have been wanting to go I highly recommend grabbing a table for next year or hopefully getting to sit at mine but either way if you would like to give back here is what a donation could go towards:

$20 buys dish soap and bleach to clean and disinfect food bowls for one month :)

$20 will pay for 10 dogs/cats to receive a rabies vaccination

$20 will pay for 150 pounds of cat litter

$20 will bottle feed 3 kittens for 2 weeks

$50 will neuter 1 cat

$50 will pay for 30 cats/dogs with an annual vaccination

$50 will pay for a set of diagnostic x-rays

$100 will alter 4 ferel cats trapped by shelter ACO's

$100 will cover pain medication for the aftercare of spay/neuter procedure for 60 animals

$100 will cover 1 dog for 10 days of care at the shelter.


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