Well if you don't know, now you know! The Lighted Trucks of the Yakima Valley can be seen driving all over the place, weaving through neighborhoods bringing cheers and joy to both children and adults alike. Wouldn't it be nice to get to experience the detail and glowing beauty of the Christmas season up close and personal?

Chalet Place Google Maps
5605 Summitview Ave, Yakima, WA 98908

Chalet Place, located at 5605 Summitview Ave, Yakima, WA 98908, will be hosting The Lighted Truck Parade in their parking lot from 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm on Friday, December 11th, 2020, a free moment to stop and enjoy the detail and beauty of these normally moving works of art.

I'll make a point to reach out and see if the local shops at Chalet Place have fun give-aways but I will tell you that Hummel Agency has got their plan

Don't forget to swing by the Hummel Agency, where we'll be giving away free cocoa and treat bags in front of our office!

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To keep things festive all season long, you've got the chance to listen to Christmas Music 24/7 by clicking HERE

With some of the parades being canceled due to Covid-19 this year, having any opportunity to create a Christmas memory is much needed so if you know of more events taking place that are free for the community please don't hesitate to let us know and we will not only spread the word on-air but put the information on our website for easy access.

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The Glow of Christmas Light Vehicles

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