Macklemore & Ryan Lewis put on one helluva show at The Seasons Performance Hall in Yakima last night.

I have to admit, my night started off kind of rough after I got kicked out of line for autographs by a security guard. He had apparently told everyone in line not to bring out their cellphones at the autograph table, but I had not heard these instructions since I had previously been at the radio booth on the other side of the waiting area, preparing our booth table for the raffle ticket holders. Right when it was my turn next in line to get my autograph, the security guy comes up to me and starts barking that I had to put away my cellphone. I apologized and then he told me to get out of the line.

I was dumbfounded and aghast. I had no intention of being disrespectful to him or anyone else, for that matter over a CELLPHONE. But hey, if you get kicked out of the line, then you get kicked out of the line. These are the breaks (back it up, back it up, back it up, one time)! My happy spirit and excitement for the show had just been depleted. I had been waiting for WEEKS to finally meet Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and the excitement had me giddy, but thanks to that security dude, whoever he is, I felt crappier than a flaming bag of poo. My Yakima bestie, Becky, cheered me up with a beverage in the beer garden and then some cute guys started to get very flirtatious with me, so I started to feel just a little bit better!

But enough about me (although I had to get all of this off my chest).

Becky and I grabbed some pulled pork nachos around 9 p.m., and then it was finally time to head inside and enjoy the show!

After opening act Dave B brought the house down with a 20-minute set, the crowd grew a bit impatient waiting for Macklemore & Ryan to hit the stage. They started chanting "MACKLE-MORE!"

Soon, Ryan Lewis walked out and the crowd went nuts. When Macklemore came from behind the stage door to greet the crowd, the noise level rivaled that of crowds at CenturyLink Field during a Seattle Seahawks game!

Macklemore handed out grilled hot dogs to some people in the front rows and then said that it wasn't fair to just give some to the people in the front. He put a hot dog inside of an empty water bottle and threw it out to the balcony to see if anyone could catch it. They did, and it was awesome! Macklemore then yelled out, "I MADE A WORLD RECORD!!" Good times.

The band also performed a "Black Lives Matter" tribute, encouraging fans to speak out against unnecessary police brutality against Black people. Macklemore also stopped the show at one point to tell the audience that half of Ryan Lewis' family is from Yakima. He said that the city of Spokane gave Ryan the key to the city, but Yakima's city council did not offer the same honor. He presented Ryan with a present that he considered better than a key to the city of Yakima -- an off-white fringed leather jacket that he had found in a thrift shop in Yakima. Ryan put the jacket on and everyone laughed and cheered.

I had to leave the show early, but not before I glared one last stink eye at the security guard, and not before I heard the two Macklemore & Ryan Lewis songs I really showed up to hear them perform, "Thrift Shop" and "Can't Hold Us". I jumped up, cheered, hollered and screamed like I was at a hometown football game.

All in all, the concert was quite a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I am very lucky I was able to buy a ticket for my friend Becky for her birthday present and a ticket for myself! What a great show!

Me & Becky at the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis concert in Yakima
Me & Becky at the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis concert in Yakima

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