This year's Summer Solstice gathering at Stonehenge in the UK has been cancelled however there's a pretty spectacular option, they are going to stream the sunrise live!

Normally there are about 10,000 people who attend so I am super curious how many the live feed will bring. Sunday, June 21st 2020 is the longest day of the year so why not ring in summer with a sunrise celebration.

For those of us who like to sleep in it's like a double rainbow because I checked the calendar and if you live in the Pacific Northwest 4:52 am for the UK is 8:52 pm in Washington State! As the sun rises on the longest day of the year we in the Pacific Northwest will be enjoying a nice Saturday evening so technically you could watch the sunrise twice if you wanted too :)

I've never been to a summer solstice so I feel like this will be a really fun experience that I wanted to share with everyone. Until road trips to social gatherings are acceptable this will have to do.

Here's what took place in 2019

Not that this is happening too but now that I've seen it I can't not share

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