The Man Of Steel movie opens this weekend and I'm rooting for its success. As a huge fan of Superman since I was 8 yrs old - here are my top 5 reasons for wanting The Man Of  Steel to be a box office success!

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    Superman Is The First And Greatest Super-Hero

    Back in 1938, two poor teenagers from Cleveland Ohio submitted several different ideas to National Periodicals unaware they were creating an American Icon. Superman was the first true super-hero preceding Batman by a year. There had been costumed characters like Zorro, The Phantom and Doc Savage but Superman was unlike anything before it. Superman set off the comic book craze that dwarfs the fandom of today. The World's Fair even featured Superman day back in 1939. All the Super-Heroes that follow owe a debt to The Man Of Steel

  • dc comics
    dc comics

    A Justice League Movie Will Get Made

    DC Comics and Warner Brothers need to make a Justice League Of America movie. The League predates The Avengers by 3 years in the 60's. The whole reason Stan Lee created The Fantastic Four was the Justice League Of America. The Avengers are cool but in a fair fight, The Justice League Of America would easily topple them. The JLA features Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern and the Original Captain Marvel known better as Shazam!


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    Green Lantern Was Lame

    I concede, as much as I wanted Green Lantern to do well --- it didn't and that failure has scared off movie producers from working on movies like GL and The Flash. If Green Lantern had been a bigger hit, we'd already have our Justice League Of America movie.

  • DC Comics
    DC Comics

    Superman Can Give People Hope

    Superman is the beacon of hope for all mankind. He stands for truth and justice and sets the bar on human morality. I remember being 8 yrs old buying my first Superman comic and being mesmerized and thinking that Superman is the human ideal. You can't be perfect but a little bit of you believes that Superman is truly the ideal in which we strive for. Superman is beloved world-wide for the hope he brings to everyone.

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    DC Comics Versus Marvel Comics

    Being a comic geek is kind of like being a Beatles Vs. Beach Boys fan, you might like both groups but you actually favor one or the other. DC needs to finally get on the same movie level as Marvel. I bet you didn't realize that DC was the first to be successful with 1978's Superman Motion Picture while Marvel floundered into the early 90's with lame versions of Captain America and The Fantastic Four. As a DC fan, we call Marvel Comics lovers "Marvel Zombies". The success of The Man Of Steel will restore DC's dominance besides Batman back to the mainstream and create other character opportunities. Take a look at this classic Fantastic Four trailer from 1994 from Marvel Comics.

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