British boy band the Wanted showed a little native pride by performing at the 2012 Summer Olympics Torch Relay in London on Friday night — and they even got all meta on us by covering two songs from another English group, Coldplay.

The Wanted put their own spin on ‘Fix You’ and ‘Paradise,’ and during the latter, led a singalong as fans chanted the song’s catchy chorus. And of course they performed their own breakout hit, ‘Glad You Came,’ because what would a Wanted set be without that?

Fans in the audience seemed to love every minute, but maybe they were just happy the guys were singing instead of calling anyone nasty names.

(Apologies if the videos of the performances make you a little seasick — seems the person who shot them had more than a little trouble staying still.)

Watch the Wanted Perform Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’

Watch the Wanted Perform Coldplay’s ‘Paradise’

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