School is back session and how the parents can celebrate a much needed reprieve while they're hittin' the books. Here are a few things we can do now that our kids are back in school.

  • Clean Their Room

    I know, they should clean their own room, but this way you can get rid of the stuff they don't need that they are still holding onto for some unknown reason. All of those random McDonalds toys and scrap booking scraps need go to!

  • Binge Watch

    Feel no shame in watching all of those shows you don't let your kids watch. Game of Thrones, Twin Peaks -- anything! Go ahead and watch them during the day.

  • Meet Up with Friends

    And, the beautiful thing about doing this, is that all the kids are in school so you're entire conversation isn't interrupted by an undiscovered talent that your child just has to show you right that very second.

  • Get Active Again

    It's hard to find time to stay active during the summer. Sure, you're running your kids around in your car, but go for a walk, sign up for yoga, get yourself back to feeling like yourself.

  • Start a New Hobby

    Now that your kids aren't around to mess up your space, you can start a new hobby. Cross stitching or scrap booking or anything, really.

  • Nap


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