It always seems Bale Breaker Brewing Company has something up their sleeves. As it turns out, they're rolling up their sleeves in anticipation of making three limited beer releases that include two Belgian-styles and a Triple IPA.

These two are both Belgian-style and are debuting this weekend (Jan. 28) in Seattle.

Piste-Off Saison - 6.7% ABV | 37 IBU
After nearly four years of IPAs, this Yakima-based, hop farm brewery finally ventured into brewing a traditional farmhouse ale. But, as expected, Bale Breaker’s first foray into a Saison features heavy dry-hop additions of Citra & Loral. As it turns out, we weren’t “piste-off” about brewing this one.

Caleçon Saison - 7.5% ABV | 31 IBU
Thanks to their newly-installed 5-barrel pilot system, Bale Breaker brewed a second Saison for this year’s Belgianfest. Inspired by the cold winter days of the Pacific NW, Caleçon Saison is slightly darker in color but brightened with orange peel and spiced with coriander.

And you can try out their new Triple IPA which will debut in Seattle on Feb. 2 at the WA Hop Mob event, but will also be available at their taproom for a release party on Feb. 3 from 5-8pm.

Mount Saint Humulus Triple IPA - 9.3% ABV | 100++ IBU
Brewed as a part of the WA Hop Mob, the first Triple IPA brewed by Bale Breaker hits like a volcanic eruption of the finest Yakima Valley hops. Experience an explosion of hop aroma in each sip, thanks to a heavy dry-hop addition of Mosaic™, Equinox™, and Citra®. Be careful, folks… Mount Saint Humulus just might blow your top right off.

If you can, when you can, support the local guys. I'm looking forward to trying out all of these. In moderation, of course.

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