TikTok account @MindsEverybodiesBusiness, shared a creepy "Facebook love story" that has left people to speculate that a murder took place.

The TikToker nicknamed Nosey Rosie shared a Facebook post that went viral in several groups for being fishy. A woman who was apparently involved in a "van accident" was killed along with one of her daughters. Her husband went on to marry his deceased wife's sister just two months after her passing, while his two other children were hospitalized from injuries sustained in the collision.

“I prayed and God answered, in more ways than I could’ve ever imagined," she read from the sister Tasha's Facebook post. "Mr. & Mrs. ~ July 19th," the new bride and sister of the deceased captioned a photo of her new husband on their wedding day. "I love you more than life, Mr. Murray!!!”

People flooded the comments section with their own theories regarding the circumstances and case.

"The caption really sounds like she wished her sister and niece were dead," one person wrote. Another added, "You had two other kids in the hospital fighting for their lives... Where did he find time to 'fall in love' and plan a wedding? These kids didn't even have a chance to come home and adjust to [their] mom and sister being gone."

“I’m more than slightly horrified that her sister’s death was the answer to her prayers. Wtf was she praying for? How accidental was the accident, for real?” one person questioned.

In a new update, Nosey Rosie reported that Tasha is pregnant. It is unclear how far along she is.

The post is seemingly in regard to a traffic accident case in Westville, Arkansas that involved Sarah Murray and her 13-year-old daughter Aubrie. As Yahoo! reported, the mother and one of the couple's daughters were killed in addition to another child who attended Westville Baptist Church.

A local news station reported, "The cause of the accident is being investigated, OHP said in a report filed by Troopers Sheldon Hobbs of the Traffic Homicide Division, assisted by Troopers Cold Duncan and Adair of the Traffic Homicide Division and Troopers Cody Cross and Colton Croft of the Cherokee County Division."

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