Imagine, you’re sitting in your house. Resting after a long hard day’s work. Forget just the day’s work, it’s Friday. You’ve been punching in and punching out all weekend. You’re frustrated at work, been there 20 years and still not assistant manager of the company. What is it that you do? It doesn’t matter for the purpose of this story. Just know that you’re under appreciated. I’m know you can relate.

Back to the point, you’re sitting there, on your new super comfy couch. You have a tall, ice cold glass of Tang or Country Time Pink Lemonade or Crystal Light (any of those powder mix with water drinks) in your hand. You’re relaxed, your feet are up on the table. Sure your significant other gets upset with you for doing that, so you move your foot onto the coaster and laugh to yourself. The radio is on in the background and your eyes start to feel heavy. You’re just about to nod off, when you hear something coming from your back yard.

What Was The Mysterious Noise You Heard?

All you know was it was some sort of crash sound followed by a two syllable phrase. Maybe even a scream. You’re not sure because you just had new windows installed on your house by the company down the road. They do good work, it really dampened the noise. You sit up knocking the coaster on the floor with your foot while you place your drink of water and flavor mix (see above) on the table. You run outside to your back yard.

What Do You See In Your Backyard?

Of course, it all makes sense now. You chose the wrong flavor mix. You chose (Tang or Country Time Pink Lemonade or Crystal Light) and it has cost you dearly. Your fence is in shambles and the grass is stained with red. You realize the muffled screaming you heard was the sound of the Kool-Aid man’s retribution. “Oh Yeah!”

What Really Happened to the Fence in Union Gap?

I don’t know what really happened to the fence located along West Valley Mall Blvd. in Union Gap. All I do know is when I saw it wrecked, this is what I assumed happened. Hope everyone involved is safe, and the fence owners can get it fixed with little to no hardship. What’s your take? Send me a message using AppChat. Maybe together we can get down to the bottom of it.

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