I love cats! I think I love them more than I love dogs, and I have no shame. Cats can take care of themselves, they don't need you to walk them around the neighborhood, and they love to cuddle up with you on the spur of the moment. Cats have a sixth sense--my cat sensed that I was pregnant way before I even knew it. Also, kittens are some of the cutest things on earth. They also are queens of the universe (so they would have you think). I love queens in all forms, queens of a monarchy, drag queens, queens of the nile and cats.

Cats can also be some of the most irritating people on the planet. They meow--alot! Sometimes, you can't even tell why they are meowing. They also can scratch the ever living TAR out of you. Like my cat named Minxie. I had to get rid her and I sobbed for days. Her full name was Miss Minxie Mari Shakira Tatiana Laila Ali, and I had to let her go because she hated all of my friends and was a very jealous beast. During one of her jealous rages, she scratched out a chunk of flesh from my finger (she started throwing major hissy fits (pun intended) when I became pregnant. Good times.

Today, I celebrate and give a high four paw pat to all of you with cats. Feel free to post a pic of your favorite feline(s) in the comments! I'd love to see your furry babies!