If I won one million dollars in the lottery like Marvin Koop of Yakima, I would probably first have to make out a huge list of things of what I'd want to spend it on. Since I love to write out lists on sticky notes, I would probably have about a million sticky notes plastered all over my desk and the walls.

Marvin Koop kept it simple. He decided to give most of his money to the eagles, no, not the endangered flying species kind, rather, The Fraternal Order of Eagles, to be more specific. (I was quick to guess that he's already a member.) Koop also plans to give some of his money to other non-profit organizations, which is a very noble gesture, indeed.

I would spend my money on a fund for my daughter's gap year after she graduates from high school (I know most people save money for university itself, but I want my child to have time to see the world and have global experiences before she makes the transition to college). I would spend the rest on paying off student loans, then I would purchase a house (!) and a couple of pets. With the remainder of my one million dollars, I would stock my cupboards and freezers, and also get a pre-paid Cost-Co card so that I never have to worry about running out of money for food! I would also donate a chunk of change to MY two favorite non-profit organizations, Junior League of Yakima and The Seasons Performance Hall. What would you spend your million on?

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