There is no doubt that we all have once seen a lean and toned Brit Brit - but her recently land on the cover of Shape Magazine (to be released in June 2013) has got some people brushing opinions on the brushing cover.

Are we shocked that celebs are often photoshopped to perfection? NO!  It happens all of the time.......their pure flawless selves are shown on every cover - but we know the truth.  Should there be so much bickering over Britney?  I say no!  Let's leave the girl alone.  Brit says "being in her 30's makes staying in shape a lot harder.  You have to work twice as hard for the results". 

Britney will be headlining a show in vegas this fall and wants to be in top shape in all aspects of her life to give the best performances she can.  So let's back off of the tiny air-brushing and be happy she isn't melting down and shaving her head again!

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