It’s that time of the year, when pop culture websites and critics publish their annual Best Of lists and we heap praise on the best and most beloved movies and TV shows of the year. But what about the average moviegoer and TV-viewer? That’s where Facebook comes in. The social media site has released their top 10 movies and top 10 TV shows of the year, based on the most discussed titled of 2014. While some are fairly obvious, the lists might surprise you and inspire you to contemplate the overlap between what’s popular and what’s actually good.

According to Facebook, these were the most popular movies of 2014:

You’re probably shaking your head right now in disbelief—how on earth were the new ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ movie and ‘Maleficent’ more popular than ‘The LEGO Movie’ or the new ‘Hunger Games’ film? ‘The LEGO Movie’ was huge this year, and every installment of ‘The Hunger Games’ franchise dominates at the box office, so this doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. ‘Maleficent’ of all movies! Exactly how many children have Facebook access? Surely that’s the only explanation.

And here are the top 10 TV shows of the year:

The most popular TV shows on Facebook make more sense than the most popular films. Everyone and their fragile old grandmother watches ‘Game of Thrones,’ and while I can hardly abide ‘The Big Bang Theory’ appearing on a top 10 list of any kind, it is—much to my horror—still one of the most popular television shows in existence.

It might be even more interesting if Twitter posted their own lists, perhaps allowing us to see just how similar or different the two groups of users are when it comes to media consumption. Then again, if Twitter posted their own version of the top 10 TV shows in 2014, #TrueDetectiveSeason2 would probably be number one.

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