Being in the media sometimes has its perks. Not-so-humble-brag Alert!

Perk #1!

For instance, here at the Bernie Sanders rally in the Yakima Valley Sundome, I was granted a special parking spot reserved just for the media. This saved me countless circles around the block searching for a spot to park the Mazda Mobile!

Perk #2!

The second cool part of my Bernie Rally experience was having a special place to sit, in the media pit. Here, I have my own seat and a table where I can store my belongings and sit here and type out this blog post! I won't have to stand for upwards of three hours waiting around for Bernie Sanders to make his appearance.

Perk #3!

Meeting super cute security guards! I think I might ask him out after the rally (Wink, wink!)

Perk #4!

Seeing all of the people who have taken the time out of their day to come be inspired and energized by their favorite presidential candidate. People have come from as far away as the Tri-Cities area and Ellensburg to come here Bernie Sanders give his speech. There are a lot of families here with their little ones in tow. Instead of seeing lots of "hippies" and "unemployed losers" like I have heard Bernie supporters being called by conservative media and Facebook friends, I see young people in their teens, older adults who look as if they are retired, and *the best part* people of all ethnicities and 'lifestyles'! There's people with purple hair, shaggy hair, buzz cuts, people in business suits, and people in cutoff jeans, "Uncle Sam" hats, and lumberjack hats! And then there's me with my big ole afro!

Looks like Uncle Sammy just "felt the bern" by getting burned by her best friend 😂😂 #Bernie2016 #Yakima

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I am surrounded by a true melting pot of Americans, right here in good ole Yakima. And that makes me beam with pride.

You can stream the Bernie Sanders "A Future To Believe In" rally in Yakima right here.

You can also view it live stream on Youtube here.

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