Quilting is making a comeback amongst the crafty types. In a query for some of the most searched crafts in online search engines, Californians chose quilting and quilt shows.

I've never been to a quilt show, but I plan to attend one in 2024, even if I don't get to make it to one of the big league quilt shows like the ones below.

The draw to a quilt show is to check out the newest fabrics, block patterns, quilting and sewing books, and sewing machines, plus you get to stop by the vendor booths and make new friends who are just as obsessed with quilting as you are.

If you've been secretly (or not so secretly) wanting to become a quilter, start by joining your local quilt guild. I'm lucky enough that our county fair lets the quilters pretty much take over one of the fairground's buildings to display gorgeous quilts made by local sew-meisters.

It looks like going to a national quilt show is a ton of fun, especially if you go with a friend!

@rosecityoriginalsI had so much fun at the Road to California Quilt Show! I got to meet so many Quilty friends in real life!!! (And oogle over all the gorgeous quilts) #quiltingwithfriends #quiltshowseason #roadtoca2024♬ original sound - Chris Marchini

Here are the top 6 national shows that make quilters in California go crazy!


Folsom Quilt Show February 2-4, 2024

Folsom Quilt Show


Quilt Festival Long Beach July 6-8, 2024

Long Beach Quilt Show


Wine Country Quilt Show in Santa Rosa  

Santa Rosa Quilt Show


Quilt Show Reno June 13-15, 2024

Quilt Show Reno



Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show July 13, 2024

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show


@emandbear_ Had a blast today at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show! #quilting #quiltersoftiktok #quiltshow #sistersoutdoorquiltshow ♬ original sound - emandbear


Here is a bonus quilt show that showed up in Google Trends for California residents:

International Quilt Show Houston October 31-November 3, 2024

International Quilt Show Houston

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