Future has inadvertently become the subject of a meme craze that is taking over social media for the Christmas holiday.

The social media trend, that appears to have begun on Christmas Eve (Dec. 24), revolves around the idea of toxic ex-boyfriends who hit up their former baes via text on the holiday only to try to get back into their good graces, or possibly slick talk themselves back into some sex. The internet decided to use pictures of Future checking his phone as the visual for the funny quips.

"Was so good running into you," one example reads. "Seeing you there made me remember all the fun Christmases we had together. You look amazing. Glad to see you and what's his name together. That's real nice. We could have been something special though. Merry Christmas."

Another post says, “Tell your brother I said LeBron back on his bullshit he’ll know what it means lol. I remember that was always his favorite, like you were mine. Merry Christmas.”

Twitter users have been having a field day making and reading the memes.

"These Future Christmas text memes got me hollin!" one person noted. "They spot on. Niggas real deal be using them tired ass lines, STILL!"

"I know future be crying laughing reading these toxic holiday memes about him because I can’t stop laughing myself," someone else added.

It is unclear why exactly people chose Hendrix as the visual example for the memes. His public strained relationship with Ciara and his penchant for staying in some baby mama drama may have been the catalyst.

Check out the hilarious toxic Future memes that are taking over the internet below.

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