I was in Seattle over the weekend and stepped foot inside Trader Joe's for the very first time. Although it was smaller than I expected and far busier than I wanted it to be, it was fun to see unique items that I don't normally see and the prices weren't bad at all. It got me thinking we should have a Trader Joe's in Yakima, but that's when I came to find out that, after reading something, Yakima will probably never get a Trader Joe's.

Next City showcased Trader Joe's, as well as Whole Foods (another store we don't have in our area), and pointed out that most Trader Joe's locations are built in areas with a higher household income and low percentages of nearby residents on SNAP, which is a supplemental nutrition assistance program.

Yakima, on the other hand, may not fit the qualifications to be a location for Trader Joe's. I would disagree as those stats shouldn't determine if a store is built anywhere as, again, the prices are very decent.

The article does go on to say that Trader Joe's is a privately held company so they don't need to answer to anyone or have a reason why they do or don't do what they do. Basically, they can do whatever they feel is best for themselves. There's nothing wrong with that, but does make it harder to find out if that is the reason they do what they do.

So, will Yakima see a Trader Joe's anytime soon? I'd love to see one and would welcome them with open arms, but it does seem pretty unlikely.

What about you? Would you want a Trader Joe's in Yakima? Tell us in the comments!

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